Toruween 2017: Kos is Dead!

The darkness has fallen over Trondheim, creeping ever closer as the temperatures are crawling towards the freezing point and cold gusts of wind tear at the yellowing trees, slamming against frosty window panes. Don’t stand there in the cold darkness, but come inside, to the culture center ISAK – greetings, and beware, for who knows what is hiding in crannies and shadows as we bid all living and dead, ghouls and zombies welcome to Toruween?

Our websites are currently being updated with new information on this year’s contests, activities, panels and guests as we speak.
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We welcome all Halloween-, Horror- and costume enthusiasts to the creepiest event of the year!

Note: You must be at least 13 years old to attend Toruween.

Alcohol and all other stimulants are prohibited at Toruween.

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  • Hotel and surroundings

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  • Judge: Aeki Cosplay

    Andrea, or Aeki Cosplay is the first of our three judges in Toruween’s Cosplay- and Costume contest. She is a routined cosplayer who has been … read more